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Names of exotic animals

Researchers have recorded over 20Thousand types of seafood, 6Thousand types of reptiles, 9Thousand wild birds, 1Thousand amphibians, 15Thousand types of animals and also over millions of types of insect – here are the oddest, most amazing and many threatened species on the planet. A few of these creatures may seem harmless but they are very deadly, while some look vicious and therefore are simply rare and endangered.

(BONUS: ) From overweight parrots and lesbian lizards towards the cute kiwi and also the bumblebee softball bat, probably the most interesting creatures in the world will also be endangered. Most are remarkably beautiful yet others quite contrary but have the ability to an engaging story like a species.

: Are you aware that a particular kind of frog can break its very own legs and employ the bones as claws to battle an assailant? Or that the particular type of small ant explodes like a defense mechanism along with a hefty seafood that slimes its competitors.

(BONUS: ) ? They are able to all kill you – and quite shateringly. Some freeze your breathing and gradually paralyze you completely while some do far worse and much more rapidly too.

: In the mimic octopus that may adopt almost any color or pattern to creatures that match leafs and alter colors using the seasons, here are the most artistically camouflaged animals that could be hiding directly behind you – and you’d don't know.

Bonus – 32 Exotic Endangered Animals, Seafood, Wild birds, Reptiles and Amphibians: You will find many exotic creatures on the planet but a few of these are significantly threatened and could disappear soon.

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