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Exotic animals Texas

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During the last 4 decades, local and worldwide vacationers have praised Animal World and Lizard Farm (formerly referred to as Lizard Farm) because the “must see” attraction of Interstate 35 in New Braunfels, Texas.

Opened up in 1967, this facility has turned into a Mecca for decades of animal enthusiasts who create a yearly pilgrimage of sorts for this, probably the most unique and interesting animal facilities on the planet. Housing over 500 creatures at anyone time, you cannot help but feel you’re close up and private with virtually every types of animal on the planet! Primates, alligators, exotic hoof stock, wild birds, felines not to mention, snakes constitute only a couple of of the numerous Animal World and Lizard Farm citizens.

Easily near to Austin, Dallas and San Marcos, Animal World and

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Exotic Animals Texas
Exotic Animals Texas
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