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Exotic animals as pets

Picture of Boo Boo the bear at home in Ohio

The risky attraction of possessing foreign animals

By Lauren Slater

Photograph by Vincent J. Musi

All nationwide, in Americans’ yards and garages and living spaces, within their beds and cellars . and lavatories, wildlife stored as pets live alongside using their human proprietors. It’s thought more exotic creatures reside in American houses than are looked after in American zoos. The exotic-pet clients are a lucrative industry, one that’s attracted critique from animal welfare advocates and wildlife conservationists alike. These folks say it isn't only harmful to create captive-bred wildlife in to the and surrounding suburbs, but it’s cruel and it must be criminal too. The problem is not even close to black or whitened.

A minimum of to not Leslie-Ann Hurry, a equine trainer who endures a seven-acre farm outdoors Orlando, Florida, a location in which the wind constitutes a rustling seem if this whips with the palms. Hurry, 57, with a kind face and hair the colour of corn, breeds and trains gypsy horses she houses inside a barn behind her small petting zoo, a wire enclosure where three male kangaroos, four lemurs, a muntjac deer (initially from Asia), a potbellied pig, a raccoon-like kinkajou known as Kiwi, along with a dog named Dozer all live—the lemurs jumping freely, the kangaroos resting on their sides, the petite pig rooting in the earth, the Asian deer balancing its rack of antlers on its delicate mind.

Hurry weaves around her foreign animals effortlessly and cheerfulness and Cheerios, doling them to the lemurs. They thrust their humanlike hands in to the open boxes and remove fistfuls of O’s, that they eat almost nicely, 1 by 1, dining daintily as the drool gathers within the corners of the mouths.

Uncommon Animal Occurrences

Born Free USA has monitored 2Thousand occurrences including wildlife locked in captivity. Because of incomplete confirming, the database is restricted.

Graphic: Lawson Parker, NGM Staff Margaret Ng

Source: Born Free USA

Hurry includes a ring-tailed lemur, Liam two ruffed lemurs, Lolli and Poppi along with a common brown lemur named Charlie. Even though many lemurs are threatened, the ruffed lemurs are thought significantly endangered within the wild. Hurry thinks that by taking care of these captive-bred animals she's doing her part to keep lemurs alive on the planet, and she or he takes care of her creatures having a profound commitment that consumes her days as well as her nights. As darkness falls, she moves in the small enclosure into her home and takes her favorite lemur together with her he shares her mattress, coiled on a cushion by her mind.

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